Been Two Years

I have not posted anything in two long years. I set this thing up and never used it. Started in on the facebook thing and just lost interest. So let us see if i can keep up with it this time.

In School

I am now in school and it is pretty tough. It is a full schedule and with working full time i am really tired. I have this class called DORI. I don't know what it stands for but it is a class for people who are new to the school world i guess. Im going to have to wright a journal entry every week for class credit a thought i would post them so all could enjoy. really it is so i actully do the homework and dont blow it off. I miss everybody and will post the journal entry very soon. Love Joshua

Changing things up a bit.

I changed the look of my blog for all to enjoy. If for some reason you don't like it, well, i guess it sucks to be you ; ) I have a couple of days off of work and i will take delight in the calm before the storm. Then... School, work,school,school,work school, school, kids, wife, work, work, school,aaaarrrrrggggggghhhhh! Love Joshua

Aug 26 is the big day!

Ok so i am officially enrolled in school. My grants came through and i have a schedule. I start on the 26th and i am nervous. I'm majoring in Mechanical engeneering and am going full time. On top of working full time. I got a job at Office Max as a mgr so when school is over i can transfer so that is really nice! Still cant find a church we can tolerate and i miss the stirring terrribly. I know this will all be worth it so that when we come home we can Buy a house and all that jazz. I am writing music and started recording in my "spare time" and will have that up on myspace one day soon. also check out a band on myspace called johnnys body, they are pretty good and i have become friends with some of them. See everybody soon and love you all.
Love Joshua

Getting moved in.

3 boys, one room. A mom and a dad in another room. We have most definitely  downsized. I thought we were cramped in our 2 bedroom townhome. HA! Well we are getting moved in and we are faring well I just want school to start and end so i can come home. I visited a couple of churches while i was down here  and every time without fail it made me miss the stirring. Be blessed everyone and know that you are loved!

I'm in Colorado.

 I'm doing some work in Colorado with my father in law for a few days. Colorado is freakin beautiful.Less than a week away from coming home for a couple of days before we shove off to Texass. I miss everyone and just want this season of life to be over with. School will be worth it so that i will not have to put my family through this type of thing anymore. Thanks redding for being a great home and wonderful family. I only hope there is some way i could repay you for your generosity and love! 

On the mic checkin'

Ok, so every one knows what is going on with me in Texass and to keep in touch with my Redding loved ones, i will be bloging now. I  miss you Redding and cant wait to get home!  Love Joshua